The ancient citadel of Mycenae

Land of the Mycenaeans, Masters of the Bronze Age Mediterranean.

The Argolid is the name of the region associated with the city of Argos, a prominent city in southern Greece on the peninsula known as the Peloponnese. The city shared the peninsula with its great rival to the south, the powerful and feared city of Sparta. The region also boasts one of the world’s most ancient fortified centres, the settlement of Mycenae, legendary home of the great king Agamemnon, leader of the expedition that invaded the city of Troy, a legend made famous by the epic poems of Homer and plays of Aeschlyus, Sophocles and Euripides.

Literature & History:

Trojan War saga, events associated with it as recorded in the Iliad and Odysseys, as well as plays of Aeschylus (especially the Oresteia trilogy); Archaeologically, Mycenae, together with Troy in Turkey, stand amongst some of the greates discoveries ever made leading to the better understanding of the pre-history of the Aegean sea and Mediterranean world.

Island near Nafplion City

Gate in Mycenae


  • Mycenae
  • Argos
  • Tiryns
  • Franchthi Caves
  • Theatre of Epidaurus
  • Naupflion

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