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ArchaeoMuse was created to share our passion for classical civilisations and their influences on our modern existence, cultural heritage and identity through a variety of inspirational and educational offerings.

We organise cultural travel and educational trips for school groups, private groups and individuals of all ages to the classical lands, Greece and Italy, as well as France and throughout the UK.  The trips can be organised by destination or by theme, inspired by one of our Muses or by area of interest such as literature, art, architecture, music, drama, theatre, philosophy and much, much more!

ArchaeoMuse also provides tuition in English Language and Literature, Latin, Classical Greek, Philosophy, Italian and other modern European languages and History at all levels, one-to-one or in small groups organised in your local community.  Our focus is on enhancing and encouraging strengths by tailoring each session to the individual’s needs in order to help our students reach their full potential.

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