Our philosophy is to start from the foundation in all subjects we offer – we believe that stripping back to the basics and core knowledge of the subject allows the student to fully understand and appreciate the material. Our tuition is not merely academic as our methods include bespoke coaching for tutees experiencing difficulties in any areas of learning, providing encouragement, positive reinforcement and inspiration.

We provide tuition for students of all ages in the following areas:

● History (Ancient History, Archaeology)  ● Philosophy, Religious Studies & Ethics  ● Classical Civilisation  ● English  ● Italian  ● Latin  ● Classical Greek

For the younger ones we can also offer introductory Spanish and French.

For any subjects not listed above, please contact us as we may be able to source tutors from our network.

We can provide tuition in person or online using Skype, Facetime or other preferred video-conferencing platforms.


  • Primary & Secondary

  • £35
  • per hour
  • GCSE, National 3-5
  • £40
  • per hour
  • A-Level, Highers, International Baccalaureate (sixth form, pre-university entry/preparation)
  • £45
  • per hour
  • University (or further higher, undergraduate/post-graduate)
  • £50
  • per hour
  • Adult/Casual Learner
  • £50
  • per hour

*discounts are available to clients who commit to a long-term programme according to an agreement and learning plan designed to reach an agreed-upon target.
£5 discount on all fees for online tuition.

Archaeology & Ancient History

Tuition for GCSE, A-Level and University study of Ancient History and Archaeology.


Support for both GCSE, A-Level and university level study of history. Our particular strength is a knowledge of the language of original sources in classical Greek and Latin for ancient, medieval and renaissance European history.

English Language & Literature

Support for the study of English language and literature at all levels. Focus especially on classical origins of both the language and literature, with an emphasis on etymology, diction and fine-tuning a good knowledge of grammar and usage.


A varied approach to the learning of the language, combining full-immersion with a development of a good understanding of the grammatical structure of the language. Connections with English, Latin, Classical Greek and the other romance languages are encouraged.


Support with all aspects of the study in all forms, including classical and medieval, at all levels. Emphasis provided on achieving a more natural, intuitive understanding of the structure of the language.

Philosophy, Religious Studies & Ethics

Support for all levels of Philosophy, Religious Studies and Ethics, with a particular focus on origins of theories, based on the study of original sources and languages, especially Greek and Latin. The social, cultural and historical context is also emphasised to create a more thorough understanding of all theories and ideas.

Classical Civilisation

Multi-disciplinary approach to study of Classical Civilisation, including languages, literature, art, architecture, archaeology, philosophy and ancient history.

Classical Greek

Support for the study of classical Greek at all levels, from beginners to advanced and university level. Connections to other languages is encouraged, especially Latin, as the study of the two languages together promotes a better understanding of the underlying, grammatical structures as well as the influence especially of Greek on Latin and the romance languages.