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We provide educational trips and programmes linked to the following curriculum subjects:

● Classics  ● Religious Studies  ● Art  ● Philosophy  ● History  ● English Literature  ● English Language  ● Archaeology ● Modern Languages (Italian, French, Spanish, German)  ● Music  ● Physical Education and Sports


Study trips to the classical lands, anywhere in Greece and Italy, closely aligned with your curriculum. Other trips to consider are classical sites in France, Spain or the UK. ArchaeoMuse can organise unique and bespoke programmes in places tailored to exactly what your students are currently studying. Examples include stays in Cumae, Bay of Naples area to support the study of book VI of Virgil’s Aeneid, as part of the UK GCSE or A-Levels Latin and Classical Civilisations course. Another program can be based in the Argolid region, around Mycenae, to support the study of Classical Greek and Classical Civlilsation. Nimes, Provence, also provides a wonderful base for Classics trips, possibly in conjunction with the French department. The abundance of classical sites, monuments and museums make this region an excellent base for learning outside the classroom.


Study trips to historical sites in the UK, France, Spain, Italy or Greece that are closely aligned with your curriculum. Consult Clio, the Muse of History, for a few examples of historically-based study trips. Follow the footsteps of Julius Caesar, for example, in Italy, France and the UK. Visit the places where Hannibal fought the Romans in Italy. Follow the path of Spartacus’ invasion of Italy from Sicily to the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Other possibilities are sites in the UK, France, Italy and Greece dating from the Greco-Roman times and earlier through the Middle Ages, Renaissance and later. Attica or Argolid, Greece, Provence, France and the Cotswolds of South-West UK all provide similar environments.


Language-focused study trips in the UK, France, Spain, Italy or Greece, closely aligned with your specific curriculum, together with full cultural immersion. The region around Cortona, Tuscany, for example, provides an inspiring and tranquil place for the study of the Italian language; students can easily reach Florence, Rome, Naples and South Italy for cultural visits as well as further practise using the language outside of the classroom.

English Literature

Literature-focused trips to places relevant to the setting of many masterpieces of English Literature, designed to go along with the curriculum. Examples include visits to Scotland in conjunction with the study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Bath and Jane Austen, London and Rochester with the study of the novels of Charles Dickens. Visit our Muses section for more inspiration!

Religion & Philosophy

Shift your classroom to Athens, Rome or London and conduct your lessons in museums, libraries and inspirational places where many of the philosophers and religious figures actually lived. A programme focused on Ancient Greek Philosophy could be based in Athens, centring around Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum. The context provided by the location where these two great figures produced their body of work will inspire your young philosophers to better understand and appreciate the ideas. Similar programmes can be organised in Italy, France and the UK.


Visits to some of the world’s greatest museums and archaeological sites will inspire your young artists in immeasurable ways. Possible visits or bases for your art-focused study trip can be in Tuscany or Rome, Italy, with visits to Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, for example. Other inspiring regions include Provence, France; Crete, Athens, the Argolid or Macedonia in Greece; London, Oxford and numerous, beautiful villages in the English countryside.


Musical performance trips organised together with site visits, language and cultural immersion and events relevant to what your young musicians are studying. Locations include Italy, France, Spain, Greece or the UK, focusing on classical music, opera, musical theatre, or choral performance. See our Euterpe pages, Muse of Song and Music, for more inspiration.

English Language

Enhance your English Language programme with a cultural and linguistic immersion component in areas of the UK most facilitating the learning and practising of the language. Possible locations in the South West include Gloucestershire, Oxford, Bath, Bristol or Wiltshire. If there is a particular region that interests you or your students, please get in touch with us and we can organise a programme that works best to suit your needs.

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