This policy has been designed to explain the information we collect, how and why we collect it, and when it is used. We will keep this webpage as up to date as possible, reviewing our policies periodically to ensure openness and clarity between all parties.


Personal data relates to any living individual who can be identified from that data. As of May 25, 2018, in the European Union the processing of personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At Archaeomuse Limited (“ArchaeoMuse” we endeavour to treat everyone’s data in the same secure manner, wherever you are from.


When you call us, fill out a website form, email us, or book a holiday with us, all the data relevant to your travel experience (or potential travel experience) is collected securely in our database, and – depending on your chosen contact method – our emails.


Personal data collected through a contact form or brochure request will usually include your full name, email, destination of interest, budget, and any other information you choose to divulge to us at this stage. When you book a travel experience, more detailed data such as your address, birth date, passport details, and health are collected. We also collect information on your interests to ensure the most personal experience and perfectly designed travel experience for you.


Your personal data is used to fulfil our obligations to you, which include:

Providing a quote

Discussing travel arrangements

Sending you the requested information

Sending you e-marketing, if requested by you

Booking your travel experience

Asking for feedback on our services

Notifying you of any changes to your booking.

We never sell or rent data to third parties. When you book, this data will be passed on to your agent on the ground to ensure you have a safe travel experience, and your arrangements are held.

At ArchaeoMuse, we use the information that is provided to us only for the reason it was gathered. We may use your information to process your travel enquiry, ask for feedback on our services, market new destinations and experiences (when permitted by you), notify you of changes to your booking, or plan your travel experience.


Should you choose to share your blog and images after returning from your travel experience, you are giving us permission to upload them onto the blog section of our website. We may also ask you if we can use your images for marketing purposes (throughout the website and in our digital newsletter, as well as on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). We will always credit and tag these where relevant. The blog will include your name, photos and the content you have written for the blog. If you do not want your actual name to be shown, please just let us know and we can remove it. CUSTOMER PRIVACY POLICY

Archaeomuse Limited 08926198


If you give us consent, we will use your name and email address for marketing purposes via our digital newsletter. We will also occasionally send you more tailored marketing depending on your interests, which can be divulged through brochure downloads or phone calls with our team.


We will never sell or rent your data to third parties, only sharing information when it is required to fulfil our obligation to you.

Data submitted through our forms is accessible only by ArchaeoMuse and our developers. Our developers do not process or store your personal information for any purpose, nor do they pass it on to any third parties. Although our website and communications may contain links to other websites, we are not the owners of these sites, and therefore are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites.


We post testimonials to our website periodically. There is no way of identifying you from the data we publish on testimonials on the website. The data included on our testimonials includes initials and an excerpt from your feedback; it is not possible to identify a person from these testimonials.


The time period for which we keep data depends on the data type. Most of our data is retained for three (3) years. Legally, some financial information must be kept on our files for six (6) years. Data is not kept on our systems for longer than is needed and is periodically reviewed and removed.

We have made every effort to ensure your data is stored and processed securely.


For data enquiries, please use the contact details below. Ensure you include your full name, email address, full address (including post code) and the details of your request. We need this information to ensure we send you your correct details.

By email:

In writing: 20 Wye Road, Brockworth, Gloucestershire GL3 4PP

Please note that our Privacy Policy has been written to be as clear as possible, rather than an exhaustive list of legal jargon. If anything is unclear, please get in touch – we welcome your feedback.

This policy was last updated on 31 July 2019.