Thalia inspired travel programmes

Thalia is the ancient Muse of comic drama. Her name means ‘rich, plentiful, abundance and good cheer’ , qualities associated with feasts and banquets. She was also considered one of the Graces, or ‘Charites’ in Greek, the patroness of festive meetings. Thalia will thus inspire you to pursue journeys in this spirit, that bring good cheer and happiness.

  • Comic Drama and Leisure

    Topics that should be discussed at the dinner table over a few drinks and lots of good food.

Ancient Greek Comedy: Aristophanes

The ancient playwright Aristophanes was the first political and social critic, using comedy and drama to relay his message. This programme is based in Athens, using one or more of Aristophanes’ plays as the inspiration for visiting sites around the city connected with the political and social satire prominent in his comedies.

Ancient Sport & the Olympics

Explore the origins of ancient sport and the first Olympic games at the actual places where it all started. Ancient Olympia was not only the location for the first Olympic games, but also one of the ancient wonders of the ancient world, a magnificent statue of Zeus. The region in the southwest of Greece is rich in natural beauty and man-made monuments dating back to the Bronze Age and earlier.

Gardening- Ancient to Modern

Designed for the gardening enthusiastic, explore some of the most beautiful examples of this art form in Greco-Roman sites in the UK, France and Italy. Where there were ancient Greeks and Romans, there were also complex and sculpted gardens, a tradition that has carried on into modern times. Spectacular examples can be found at Pompei and along the along the Amalfi coast, south of the Bay of Naples in Italy. Modern examples, modelled after classical examples can be found at National Trust properties in the UK, inspired the Grand Tour of the 18th century.

Wine, Cheese and Viticulture-Italy

The art and science of wine- making goes back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Pliny the Elder’s Natural History documents some of these traditions whilst others are evident in the material remains of many of the archaeological sites around Italy. It is not a coincidence that Italy’s main wine regions are very near important Roman centres. This programme allows for the wine-lover to explore this fascinating history.

Wine, Cheese and Viticulture – France

Rome’s first province, the modern region of Provence, introduced the wine traditions developed by the Romans into the territory of the Gauls, in modern France. Mixed with Celtic traditions, the vineyards of Provence, Burgundy and Bordeaux reflect this rich history. Enjoy wine-tasting and French cuisine whilst Thalia guides you with a smile through this rich and fulfilling history.

Greco-Roman Origins of Greek, French and Italian Cuisine

Thalia, Muse of Comedy and leisure, will guide you through some of the most ancient culinary traditions dating back to the Greco-Roman period in Greece, Italy and France. This programme is for the chef who has an interest in history, with a bit of fun added. Visit some of the regions of south Italy and Greece renowned for recipes dating back thousands of years or more ‘recent’ traditions in central and northern Italy or southern and central France.

Ancient Spirits: Champagne, Beer, Ale

Explore some of the most celebrated wines, ales and spirits in Europe: champagne in the Champagne region, cognac and armagnac in the Cognac and Armagnac regions, grappa in the north-eastern regions of Italy, Veneto and Friuli, and ales and ciders in the regions of Wiltshire, Gloucester, Somerset and Devon in the United Kingdom. Let Thalia guide you through these places with eye and taste of history and culture. Enjoy!