Terpsichore inspired travel programmes

Terpsichore, the ancient Muse of Dance, especially associated with the chorus. Her name means ‘Enjoying the dance’, terpsis, ‘enjoyment or delight’ and ‘chore’, ‘dance’. She will inspire all those who are interested with this art form, whose expression involves artistic movement. Her realm will lead to explore traditional dance and music, folk music and folklore together with the other local traditions that go along with it.

  • Dance, Drama and Performance

    …for when you want to relax, loosen up and just sing, dance, recite.

Shakespeare and the classical tradition

This programme focuses on Shakespeare’s use of the classical tradition of mythology, literature and culture to inform many of his plays. This programme is based in the UK, visiting sites relevant to Elizabethan England in which the Shakespearean revolution was able to occur. To truly re-trace Shakespeare’s creative journey, an optional portion of the programme shifts to Greece and Italy, places close to this genius’ heart.

Greek Theatre

Dramatic performance traces its origins to the festivals of ancient Greece around Athens in open-air theatres, built out of wood along the steep sides of cliffs- this is the spectacular setting of the plays of the original Greek dramatists, Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. This programme will allow the traveller to explore and experience all aspects of these ancient performances and the cultural context in which they occurred, during the festivals in honour of the flamboyant god of wine, Dionysus.

Roman Theatre

The tradition of theatrical performance in Rome builds on the tradition of Greek theatre. Rome possessed multiple Greek-style theatres as well as smaller venues as seen in Pompeii for more intimate, smaller-scale performances. Take this opportunity to enjoy the myths retold in the Greek and Roman plays by being in the actual setting where the plays were performed. The Romans built theatres all around the Republic and Empire, so the programme can take place in any place where the romans settled. Please get in touch with the location of your choice or have one of our Muses help you decide!

Choral Poetry throughout the ages

Choral poetry in ancient Greece begins with the lyric poems of the sixth century BCE together with the inspiring choral odes of Greek drama. The setting is the Greek mainland and the islands, where the poems were composed and performed. The works of particular poets in particular places will be the focus. The themes range from mythological and religious to celebrating particular occasions, such as victories or significant events in the life of an important figure. Get in touch and find out where this theme can transport you!

Pantomime and Ballet

Trace the origins of this very British tradition of pantomime to the streets of Italy and France in the 17th century. Learn about the earliest forms of ballet performed in the aristocratic courts of Europe, inspired by classical, mythological traditions. The programme will take to various performances in Italy, France and the UK as you take in the mythological, cultural and historical backgrounds to these great traditions.