Euterpe inspired travel programmes

Euterpe, ancient Muse of flute-playing, will inspire all musicians by traveling to the places associated with great musicians through the ages. Her name means ‘well-pleasing’ in ancient Greek, deriving from the word to please (terpo) and she inspires us to entertain through music.

  • Song and Music

    Inspiration for all things musical.

Classically Inspired Themes in Opera

The origins of opera in the 17th century are closely intertwined with classical inspirations, mostly from the fascinating stories of Greco-Roman mythology. Explore these origins as you enjoy this regal art-form in the world capitals of opera, including Rome, Milan,Vienna, Berlin, Paris and London.

Classical Origins of Musical Theatre

The art of singing and performance dates back to the ancient Greeks in the form of the magnificent performances of the chorus. The modern form of this art, born in the 18th and 19th centuries, draws on many classical themes and models for inspiration. Focusing in London’s West End, the programmes will combine attending performances with taking advantage of London’s rich cultural heritage.

Classical Inspirations in modern music: Country, Jazz, Classical, Choral, Gospel

Euterpre will guide you as you make connections between modern music and classical themes, topics, images in locations that will inspire musicians and musical enthusiasts alike. Visits to inspirational places, art, literature and archaeology will be combined with the study of all kinds of musical genres.

Classical Origins of Classical Music: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Shubert, Wagner

This programme explores the ancient, Greco-Roman elements and foundations of classical music. Get in touch to organise a cultural travel programme featuring your favourite composer or composers. Despite the German and Austrian nationalities of these figures, the classical lands served as a place of inspiration during the periods of enlightenment, neoclassicism and romanticism.

Italian Classical Inspirations: Rossini and Verdi

The works of Verdi and Rossini are inspired by various writers and figures preceding and contemporary to them, reflecting the classically inspired times of the 18th and 19th centuries. Explore their Italian flare in conjunction with studying the works of literature upon which their music is based. These programmes are based in Italy, where the you will be able to attend performances of their works in magnificent performance halls, and also walk in the composer’s footsteps through relevant places around Naples, Rome, Milan, Verona and Venice.