Erato inspired travel programmes

Erato was the ancient Muse of Lyric poetry. She is ‘the Lovely one’ as her name derives from the Greek words lovely and to love. Hence she can inspire you to follow a romantic itinerary, pursuing the work of poets through time who have expressed their feelings and passions through words, often translated into the lyrics used in song. Erato in her modern form will inspire you to express your passions and interests or loves in the form of art, poetry and lyrics.

  • Love Poetry

    Inspiration for all love-related poetry.

  • Romantic Art

    Inspiration for love-related art.

Latin Love Poets: Catullus, Propertius and Ovid

Erato is the Muse of lovers, not warriors. Explore the Roman love poets with their brilliant wit and rich explorations of human nature. The setting for their poetry is mostly Rome and its environs, but sometimes they will take you to the most unexpected places!

Greek Love poetry: Sappho

The genre of love poetry has its origins on the island of Lesbos as early as the sixth century BCE. This beautiful island is the perfect location to explore the birth of this genre and the cultural revolution occurring in the Greek world during this time period known as the Greek renaissance. The programme will involve reading the surviving fragments of Sappho’s poetry on the very island where she lived, and continuing with later poets through time inspired by her and the location.

English Romantics Keats, Byron, Shelley, Wordsworth

The poetry of the English romantic period celebrates nature and emotions, many times inspired by myths retold in the same spirit, thousands of years earlier. This programme will take you through a magical tour of the English countryside and beyond, if interested in traveling to the places in Greece and Italy that inspired a particular poem. Get in touch for some ideas or if you already have something in mind based on your favourite poet or poem.

German Romantics: Goethe and Schiller

Goethe and Schiller are two great figures in the European literary and cultural movement of romanticism. They continue the tradition started with the love poetry of classical Greek and Roman writers centuries earlier. The setting for these romantic writers is often classical, which is the focus of this programme. The setting for your journey can range across various European cultural centres, including Rome, Athens or Berlin, depending on your interests.

The Sonnet: Petrarch & Shakespeare

Two of the greatest figures of the Renaissance , Petrarch and Shakespeare, each together compose an exhilarating body of sonnets that celebrate the human emotion of love. Erato will guide you through the classically inspired places mentioned in their sonnets, either set in renaissance Italy or England, home to these poets.