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Tuscany, Mythical Land of the Etruscans, Romans and Capital City of Renaissance Italy. Follow the footsteps of the Etruscan kings who ruled Rome, Hannibal and the Renaissance masters: Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael.

Explore the beautiful regions of Tuscany and Umbria from the picturesque Etruscan town of Cortona, located on the border of these two regions, close to Florence and Siena. Cortona is perfectly situated on a hilltop overlooking lake Trasimnene, location of one of Rome’s first brutal encounters with Hannibal in 217 BC, during his ambitious invasion of Italy. It was founded by the ancient Etruscans, predecessors of the Romans and among the seven kings of Rome in the period of the monarchy.  The city boasts numerous beautiful churches, convents, museums, theatres and much more. The region also boasts the famous vineyards of Chianti, San Giovese, Montalcino and Montepulciano.  Perugia and Assisi, also easily accessible from Cortona, possess, amongst numerous other beautiful villages and monuments, the spectacular basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

Literature & History:

Tuscany provides a rich history going back to the Etruscans, who provided the Romans with their alphabet for the Latin language. The history continues with the Roman period, in fact the Etrsucans provided Rome with two of its kings, the Tarquinii. Medieval and Renaissance Tuscany offers the opportunity to visit the places that inspired masters of art such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael and Leonardo as well as Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch, father of the Italian language.

The medieval town of Cortona

Montepulciano winery


  • Florence – Uffizi and Academy galleries
  • Duomo Archaeological museum
  • Siena-Duomo, piazza del Campo, the Palio
  • Cortona – Etruscan museum, Church of Santa Margherita, Etruscan and Roman excavations
  • Assisi – Basilica of St. Francis including masterpieces of Giotto

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