La Bella Dormiente Dell Sannio (The Sleeping Beauty of Samnium): Enjoy a mountain adventure in the hinterland of southern Italy.

Nestled amongst the Apennine mountains the region of Samnium boasts some of the most beautiful and serene landscapes in all of Italy. Occupied initially by the Samnites it was thought to have been the first region to engage in gladiatorial combat in preparation for battle. It was also one of the most important centres of the Lombards, a Germanic population that controlled the region after the fall of the Roman Empire. Benevento, the region’s capital city, boasts many cultural treasures from the time of the Samnites, as well as a fully functional Roman theatre. Benevento also features one of the most beautiful examples of Roman architecture and art, Trajan’s Arch, commemorating the conquest of Dacia by Trajan, one of Rome’s greatest emperors.

Literature & History:

Mountain commune of Pietraroja (red rock), evidence of a 113 million year old baby dinosaur can be found. Settlements of Saepinum, a town originally founded by the Samnites and then taken over by the Romans during the period of the conquest of the Italian peninsula in the mid-Republic at around 300 BC.  Benevento possesses Trajan’s Arch,  a well-preserved Roman theatre (still in use) and evidence of a large amphitheatre, yet to be excavated by archaeologists.

Trajan’s Arch

Sant’Agata Dei Goti


  • Trajan’s Arch
  • Museum of Sannio
  • Paeleolab, Pietraroja
  • Museum of Geology and Paeleontology
  • Villages: including Ceretto Sannita, Molinara, San Marco Dei Cavoti (famous for the production of torrone) and Sant’Agata Dei Goti (Saint Agatha of the Goths)

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