Captivating Calabria (“The Toe”); centre of western Greek civilisation.

Calabria is a mountainous, rural region along the coasts of both the Mediterranean and Ionian seas in southwest Italy. It was the already the destination of ancient Greek travellers as as early as 800 BC, including Herodotus, considered to be the ‘father’ of history.

Literature & History:

Calabria has been continuously inhabited since the early periods of human civilisation. Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian who recounted the history of the wars between the Persian Empire and Greece, was one the region’s first visitors. The settlements of Thurii (Sibari), Herakleia/Caulonia (Monasterace) and Kroton (Crotone), among others, were colonies established by ancient Greek immigrants, preceding the same migrations Europeans made centuries later in the New World.




  • The archaeological museum
  • Reggio Calabria
  • Riace bronzes
  • The archaeological sites at Sibari and Crotone
  • Archaeological site of Metaponto in nearby Basilicata
  • Ancient Greek and Lucanian settlements of Rocagloriosa and Laos Settlements of Velia and Paestum to the north in southern Campania

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