Maison Carree in Nimes

Nimes and Pont-du-Gard, two magnificent sites in the spectacular region of Gard-Occitanie.

Focusing on Nimes and nearby Pont-du-Gard, experience an unforgettable and unique part of southern France, bordering Provence. Nimes is a charming city, full of spectacular and undiscovered monuments including the Maison Carrée, arena and La Tour Magne. The city boasts a new archaeological museum outlining the rich history and development of the region from prehistoric times through to the Roman and Medieval periods.

Literature & History:

The monuments of Nimes and Pont du Gard provide an excellent understanding of what life was like in this prosperous region of the Roman empire. La Tour Magne, a 112 metre tall tower, attests to the advancement of Roman engineering. The arena and temple in Nimes are excellently preserved, providing textbook examples of these architectural forms. Finally, Pont du Gard, a magnificent portion of the 50km long aqueduct of Nimes stands 50 metres high and 275 metres long, also serving as a bridge crossing the Gardon river. These sites provide an excellent example of the elaborate network of aqueducts, roads, bridges and settlements that allowed the development along the Via Domitia, running from Geneva to the strait of Gibraltar.

Pont du Gard Roman aqueduct

Roman amphitheatre in Nimes


  • City of Nimes, the Magne Tour, Fountain gardens, state-of-the-art Musée de la Romanité, the Maison Carrée.
  • The 24,000 seat amphitheatre.
  • Pont du Gard.

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