‘Academy’ was the term used by Plato for the establishment of one of the first schools in history. Plato was inspired by his mentor – Socrates – and, in turn, inspired Aristotle, who also established his own school, the Lyceum. ArchaeoMuse Academy is formed in the spirit of this tradition and operates both virtually and physically.


ArchaeoMuse specialises in educational travel programmes closely aligned with school or university curricula. The greatest advantage for working with ArchaeoMuse is the ability to organise a bespoke programme, working closely with our Muses to create the most inspirational experience possible. We draw from decades of experience organising study tours and cultural and language exchange programmes in Italy, Greece and the UK. We are currently offering programmes in these countries as well as in France and Spain, connected to a wide range of subjects.


ArchaeoMuse offers tuition in a variety of subjects as part of its Academy-based programmes. Drawing from the origins of education in the Greco-Roman world, our emphasis is on the source of knowledge in these subjects and the interconnections between them due to common linguistic, cultural and historical origins. Our tuition programmes are also connected to our travel programmes allowing students and adult learners to visit places connected with their studies.